TMS Well Being Sports Therapy & Massage are now based at HD1 Fitness Clinic in Huddersfield, we were established in April 2010 by Trevor Michael Seymour we were previously TMS Massage Therapy; we wanted to change our brand and expand on the range of services we offered to our clients, so we changed our name in April 2014, we recently expanded further and found premises where we have everything we require to help TMS Well Being offer the best services possible, our new address is HD1 Fitness Clinic, 33 Old Leeds Road, Huddersfield, HD1 1SG

  • Sports Massage Therapy
  • Swedish Body Massage
  • Acupressure Massage
  • Pre & Post Event Massage
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Nutritional Advisor

Benefits of TMS Well Being

  • Muscular Stress Relief
  • Chance to Rest & Recharge
  • Stretches & Loosens Muscles
  • Rejuvenating & Nourishing
  • Reduces Muscle Repair Time

TMS Well Being Sports Therapy & Massage are so powerful clients will feel the benefits long after the session has finished.

Our Philosophy

We believe that Complimentary Therapies have a massive role to play in the health and well being of individuals; studies have proven working alongside conventional medicines, treatments such as Massage Therapy have benefits, not just for the athlete and those involved in physical activities, but for those with acute or and chronic conditions, or those that simply need to feel relaxed and rejuvenated by helping the mind and spirit.

Why TMS Well Being Sports Therapy & Massage

Absolutely fantastic experience, Great website with an easy booking system and on arrival super welcome and a great massage on my leg and foot for Plantar Fasciitis. Good advice given and follow up sessions already booked, I can highly recommend TMS Well Being in Huddersfield.

Simon from Huddersfield ( 01.03.17)

Excellent I thought I had a knee injury but it turned out to be down to surrounding muscles which instantly relieved the hip pain I was experiencing. Also  had a problem with calves tightening up every time I ran and this problem has gone. Worked with me by recommending stretches to help avoid further problems. Excellent pricing, easy booking online. Great experience.

James E from Huddersfield ( 16.10.16 )

“I met Trevor when he was offering post-race massages after a gruelling 10 mile run and I’ve visited him on a regular basis since. I was suffering from severe lower back pain and stiffness which was primarily due to having a sedentary job and driving long distances. Trevor has worked wonders on my lower back and legs and I have a lot more movement, flexibility and a lot less pain. He is knowledgeable, sympathetic and always professional and gives an excellent massage and good advice. I highly recommend him for any type of remedial massage.”

Alison from Huddersfield (14.04.16)

“After a really bad car accident 3 years ago I tried everything for my back pain including massages and a chiropractor. I was recommended to   go and see Trevor to help with my back as the pain was getting unbearable, I’ve only had 2 sessions and I can feel an improvement already, I would and have recommended him to anyone I know. Thanks Trevor”

Jessica from Golcar, Huddersfield (24.03.16)

“Been suffering with slight back ache from lots of sitting down (+ a hip injury I sustained a few years back). Trevor was fantastic and knew his stuff, he really helped my back; I felt better afterwards and would definitely recommend his services.”

James from Shelley, Huddersfield (05.08.15)

I am a fitness instructor so do a lot high impact classes, I have been suffering lately with an old injury of my Achilles, after buying new trainers and trying sorbothane inner soles and these not working decided to seek expert advice. I’m a cyclist, so notoriously bad at stretching and have had a quite painful issue with my IT band and upper back. Trevor worked his magic and now my legs and back are as good as new! He’s not afraid to ‘get stuck in’ if there’s something that needs sorting and talked me through the physiological reasons why I was getting the pain in the first place and how to remedy it myself. I’d done a hilly 60 miles before my appointment, but now feel like I can get back out on the bike immediately instead of waiting for a few days until the usual pain subsided! Highly recommended!

Nick from Almondbury, Huddersfield (16.06.15)

It was definitely the right thing to do Trevor at TMS Well Being gave my Achilles calf , foot a fantastic sports massage and was so knowledgeable giving me some great after care advice as well .I will be going back and would recommend TMS Well Being to anyone suffering from old or new injuries. Please don’t suffer in silence.

Louise from Mirfield (04.09.15)