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Tightness Neck & Shoulders When we start cycling for the first time, in fact even if we cycle on a regular basis one of the most common issues that TMS Well Being treats on a regular basis is neck and

Everyday Life

Stress Related Shoulder & Neck Pain. When we start to feel the Stress of things in our daily lives, we tend to hold our shoulders in the raised position which causes the neck and shoulder muscles to become shortened, resulting


Impingement Syndrome Shoulder pain in Golfers can occur when the muscles situated around the Shoulder become inflamed or damaged during the continued swinging of the golf club. The Rotator Cuff issues with Impingement Syndrome being the main culprit begin with


Running is an activity that involves repetitive stress and impact, sometimes for a long duration, people who have an underlying lower back problem can find running or jogging makes their pain worse or leads to additional types of pain, when


Swimmers Shoulder Swimmers Shoulder can be very painful overuse injury and there are so many parts within the shoulder that can cause an issue and it becomes very common with Triathletes as one of their disciplines along with Cycling and


Impingement Syndrome Shoulder pain is perhaps one of the most common issues we treat on a daily basis at TMS Well Being; those who train using weights on a regular basis are the clients we see most of the time

Why Choose TMS Well Being

It was definitely the right thing to do Trevor at TMS Well Being gave my Achilles calf , foot a fantastic sports massage and was so knowledgeable giving me some great after care advice as well .I will be going back and would recommend TMS Well Being to anyone suffering from old or new injuries. Please don’t suffer in silence.

Louise from Mirfield

What our clients say

Trevor was fantastic and knew his stuff, he really helped my back; I felt better afterwards and would definitely recommend his services.

Nick from Almondbury